Finest Women in Real Estate and the Finest Resources share the secrets to success in their businesses, giving advice and tips for home buying and selling, owning and running a business, building your reputation and branding, and learning about markets and trends! 

Four different types of episodes where the Finest Women in Real Estate is being introduced on the first episode. Second Episode is to share their knowledge based on their expertise who are joined by other experts from related business topics.  Third Episode is to share their process of operations, work ethics, and principles in life that they use in their daily decisions.  Lastly, this format is to share their involvement with the community and their fashion style and trends. 

Hosted by:

Marie Waite: Businesswoman, entrepreneur and community leader. She is an expert in practical and effective marketing for self-employed professionals and business owners, and uses her expertise and unique programs to help specially selected real estate agents stand out as the Finest Women in Real Estate.