Our Mission

Statement of Purpose and Intent:

Building Solid Foundations exists to help businesses achieve stability, longevity, sustainability and superiority in their industry and community by providing programs and opportunities for education, encouragement, edification and empowering of business owners, CEOs and leaders.

Statement of Organizational Values and Outcomes:

Building Solid Foundations fulfills this purpose and intent by:

  • Providing opportunities for business leaders to establish long-term, confidential and trustworthy affiliations with other like-minded business leaders wherein creativity can be released through mutually beneficial collaboration, cooperation and accountability.
  • Encouraging resourcefulness and innovation in business practices while maintaining a solid structure and organization within the business, grounded in the highest ethical standards.
  • Helping business leaders to accurately and candidly evaluate and analyze their business in order to determine their core capabilities, maximize their opportunities, and minimize limitations.
  • Educating business leaders through formal, informal and collaborative initiatives and resources in best practices, processes and procedures to help maximize productivity, profits and perception.
  • Energizing businesses by imbuing in their leaders a concerted effort to explore opportunities while maintaining focus on their stated purpose, values, strategic plan, target market and core competencies.