STRONG Negotiation Skills Testimonials


Victor Wu: Business Owner and Entrepreneur


Testimonial from Wendy Johnson, Realtor of New Vision Real Estate and Former IVBCF Board Member:

"As the President of IVBCF, Steve Matley has been instrumental in the growth of our organization.

He has paved the way for other leaders within the organization to someday take their places of leadership, and help the organization to greatly expand and take things to even higher levels.

Due to his hard work and business accuman, IVBCF has been able to find its niche within the community and further help local businesses come together by networking with each other. Steve has helped these businesses not only enhance their companies, but also through Steve's extensive knowledge of business building and organization, rules and statutes; he has empowered business owners to get themselves educated in the different aspects of their business that previously, they may not have otherwise sought out.

Steve truly is a pioneer in his field and has been a great asset not only to the IVBCF organization, but to his community, as well as numerous businesses throughout the County of Riverside, San Diego and beyond."


Testimonial from David Anderson, Business Owner & Entrepreneur:

I’d like to thank Steve Matley for the wonderful experience of participating in his mastermind.  After being involved in various business activities for nearly fifty years, you have to work harder and harder every year searching for new nuggets keeping your opportunities fresh with new ideas.

When I graduated from college from an Ag Engineering school we didn't even have a calculator on the entire campus.  In today's tech world I now visit with our grandchildren to be taught basics with them having bewildering looks; what is the matter with me?  Steve has a rare gift of quickly developing the connections of today's world, from the real world hustling on the street to being able to coordinate the rigors of regulatory demands.  From governmental dictates, to dodging the legal hurdles, wearing all the hats necessary to achieve success Steve is able to bundle your thinking, focusing on how to deal with today's challenges.

I can’t express my appreciation for the time I was able to spend learning from him.  Thank you Steve


John Richardson: Writer, Author and Publisher